Investment Process

Investment Process

Riverside Capital’s key objective is to provide investors with a regular stream of opportunities that mitigate risk and deliver both income and capital returns.

Our core strategy is to select assets which deliver steady income streams, or have the potential to deliver steady income streams. We then actively manage these to maximise investment returns and reduce risk during the hold period, which is typically 3–5 years.

Our selection process for sourcing these assets is guided by three key investment criteria: Income, Location and Security. We believe that quality in these three aspects, well-managed, will deliver above market returns. We follow a 7-step investment process;



  • Research

    Monitor the market and highlight potential opportunities in consideration of location, income and security.

  • Development

    Devise appropriate strategies in line with sector, geographical location and risk/return objectives

  • Due Diligence

    Conduct asset appraisal, valuations, surveys, source bank debt, develop business plan and form financing strategy.

  • Approval

    Present opportunities with complete asset management plans to independent investment committee for sign-off.

  • Deal Execution

    Engage solicitors and professional teams, secure debt and raise equity. Exchange and complete.

  • Proactive Asset Management

    Drive performance of assets in line with business plan strategy and objectives. Refurbishment, letting and lease restructuring.

  • Strategic Exit

    Identify optimum timing for disposal. Prepare the asset and manage the disposal process.